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Midsummers Night Simmering Granules

Midsummers Night Simmering Granules

Experience the fiery opening of Midsummers Night Simmering Granules.

With ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper, perfectly balanced with the freshness of eucalyptus and birch leaf. Discover the rich, earthy scents of vetiver and patchouli, complemented by the creamy notes of sandalwood, amber, and sun-beaten leather. Embrace the intensity of red earth and its raw beauty with this captivating scent.

Simmering Granules also known as Scented Sizzlers/Crystals are a very popular alternative to oils or wax, they are versatile little bursts of fragrance for your home. Made with natural salt crystals with added colour and fragrance, just pop into your oil or wax burner, light a tea light and enjoy the scent as it's released! 

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