Wax Melt Sample Boxes

Mystics & Magik's Wax Sample Boxes are the perfect way to try 8 beautiful scents in one box.

These elegant wax melt boxes offer a luxurious treat for yourself or a considerate gift for loved ones.

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Unleash Your Inner Mage And Create your very own Custom Bundle of Mystic & Magik Melts!

Conjure Now!

Enchant your living space with our signature fragrance starter set.

  • 100% Natural Soy Wax

    Each of our wax melts are made from premium all natural soy wax,contains no GMO products and is sourced sustainably.

    All our products are 100%vegan & cruelty-free.

  • Made In County Durham

    Each of our luxury wax melts are hand- poured in County Durham and are designed to be used with your wax burners/warmers.

    Simply just break off the desired amount of wax and place it in your warmers and enjoy!

  • Unique Fragrances

    Our Sense of smell is incredibly powerful and can transport you back to precious memories.

    We hand-craft each wax melt using only the highest quality ingredients and unique fragrances to transform your living space into a magikal oasis.